Wild Cabins. Blending Into Their Surroundings

  • Издательство: Monsa
  • Год выпуска: 2021 *
  • Обложка: твердый переплёт
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Today s cabins are for all-season use, making them the delight of hikers, explorers, and urbanites searching for peace of mind. They are practical, comfortable, and built to withstand the harsh climates in the high mountains or the rugged coast. Some are basic and sparsely fitted shelters; others are unique glamping (glamorous camping) retreats with all the comforts of the home or, better yet, with the amenities of a luxury hotel including hot tub, sauna, and Wi-Fi. Clearly, the idea of escaping to remote locations to reconnect with nature has expanded its experiential boundaries, but traditional cabins prevail as timeless structures that sensibly integrate into their surroundings. Glass and wood take centre stage as the predominant materials used inside and out. Generous fenestration opens interior spaces to the daylight and the views. Sustainable principles and the designs they generate evolve to reflect the use of materials and technology that is inherently linked to a place and time. Such principles were already implanted in vernacular architecture through the consideration of factors including geographical, topographical, climatic, as well as cultural and historic.